Frost Shades, the company dedicated to keeping your home healthy, private, and safe, continues its growth across the nation

Frost Shades continues its spectacular growth across the nation by opening two new locations in SW MI, as Audrey Randall has been awarded the Frost Shades of SW Michigan. Audrey has decorated history in the franchising arena and has chosen Frost Shades as her own business, and will now offer commercial and residential window tinting across the metro area. “Audrey is one of those strong women you simply want to do business with, no matter what”, said Leo Goldberger, CEO and Cofounder. “I met Audrey at one of the franchise conferences and I instantly knew that I have to do business with her at any cost. She is a bright, smart, and energetic woman that gets it, and I am glad she joined our company”. Frost Shades provides a service that is very much needed in the residential and commercial space. Whether you need privacy, protection against UV rays, security against break-ins, glare control, or want to find a way to make your home more environmentally friendly while saving money – Frost Shades window films are the way to go. As the local experts in high-performance window films and frosting, we specialize in delivering custom, affordable, and beautiful solutions to home and business owners. “I have looked at hundreds upon hundreds of franchise ideas, and this original idea sparked my interest the first time I heard about it”, said Audrey Randall. “The more I learn about it, the more I love it, and the prouder I am that I chose Frost Shades as my business.”