Franchisee of Frost Shades window tinting franchise opens up about what he loves about his business

Frost Shades is passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their full potential and improve their lives through business ownership. Here is what some of our Frost Shades franchise owners had to say:

Bob & Andy Moyer – SanTan Valley, AZ

Becoming  Frost Shades franchise owners has been one of the best things we have ever done! 

This Home-Based concept checked off all our boxes we were looking for in a business. It’s an In-Demand concept with an extreme Low-Overhead trade, coupled with quick turnaround and high profit margings. 

We are glad we picked Frost Shades for our business, we have seen growth month-over-month since the first month we started and we would highly recommend thisbusiness to anyone that is passionate about being their own boss and working for themselves.

Audrey Randall – SW Michigan

I have been a Franchise ocnsulntant for a very long tme and helped hundreds of people with their dream business ownership, yet when it came to picking a business for my self, i picked Frost Shades and i am glad i did.

The structure of Frost Shades is simply dynamite! The corporate team is involved and by your side with every aspect of the trade, including sales, developing, marekting, designing and every little detail you need help with. 

There is a huge demand forwindow tinting in the residential and commercial side an dthere are so many reassons why people need tinting (i.e. Glare reduction, Lowering your bills, going green, UV protection, privacy, security and so much more).

I am excietd for the future of Frost Shades and I am thrilled to be part of it.

Len Rayder – North Atlanta
I bought a Frost Shades franchise because i was looking for a business that i can own and grow with, and i am glad i did! 

Frost Shades has been good to me from the very beggining and i would highly recommend it to everyone. There is a huge demand for it and it’s a really simple and easy business to master and expand.




Jodi Scott – Nashville, TN

Opening a Frost Shades franchise in nashville with my husband Kane, was the best thing that ever happeed to us!  It has given me the financial freedom i was looking for and allowed me to be my own boss, doing something that i love and creating opportunities that i never had before.

Kane and I started with a single location in Nashville, and only 18 months later, we now own FOUR succesfull locations in the state of TN.

This is one of the most simplest  trades to learn and one of the easiest to run. Highly recommended for the entreprenuers out there!

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