The demand for window frosting is skyrocketing

There are billions of windows in the United States. According to Active Rain, the average home has eight windows, and considering that there are more than 139 million houses in the United States, there are more than 1,112,000,000 windows. When you add in apartment buildings, office buildings, hospitals, places of worship, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, and all of the storefront businesses, that number increases significantly.

While windows are an essential part of any building, they can also pose significant problems. The fact that there are so many windows means that there’s an enormous number of home and business owners who are searching for solutions for their windows right now.

This is why Grand View Research reports that the global window film industry is currently valued at $9.8 billion and expects to grow at an annual rate of 4.8% from 2020 to 2027.

By hiring a window frosting company, home and business owners can get an affordable, quick, and painless solution to a wide variety of issues, including the following:


Keeping skin and furniture safe from UV rays

Reducing energy costs

Facilitating a greener lifestyle

Updating and enhancing home design

And more!

Frost Shades is getting window frosting right


The enormous demand for window frosting might lead you to believe that there is a ton of competition for window frosting services – but that is not the case. The majority of window frosting companies are independently operated businesses, and Frost Shades is the only national franchise specializing in window tinting services.

By focusing on exceptional customer service, transparent pricing, and employing highly skilled professionals, Frost Shades is ready to dominate this rapidly growing segment. We offer custom solutions and a wide array of designs that are perfect for any customer. Whether it’s a business owner that needs privacy in a conference room, a homeowner that wants a chic design in a bathroom without losing any light, a person who has skin cancer that cannot be exposed to sunlight, or a family that wants to save money on their monthly electric bill, Frost Shades has a solution for every scenario.

“I’ve used these products so many times,” says Peter kaufman, SVP of Franchise Development of Frost Shades. “There’s pictures of my family at Christmas where we’re all wearing sunglasses because I had a southern facing wall that brought a lot of sunlight in. There’s a lot of functionality and versatility in our products, and that’s part of the appeal of our business.”

Get your own window tinting business up and running in three to four weeks

There are not many home services businesses that have as fast a ramp-up time as Frost Shades. As a franchise-centric brand, we’re committed to helping get your franchise up and running as fast as possible. Once you sign your franchise agreement, and attend our two-day training program, you can be doing business as fast as three to four weeks.

“The beautiful part about this business is that it’s simple,” Kaufman says. “There’s hardly any complexity about it at all – and that was intentional. Our investment costs are extremely low, for starters.  You can master our business model in two days of hands-on training, and you can be up and running, and generate revenue within weeks of signing your franchise agreement. We did this because we’re a franchise-centric brand – we only do this because we want as many entrepreneurs to succeed in business as possible.”

And there’s enormous flexibility within the model itself. You can be an owner-operator, or you can hire a technician to perform the jobs while you manage the sales, or you can work in partnership with your family. This type of flexibility is rare in the franchise industry, and with Frost Shades, you can build precisely the kind of business that works for you.

“Business ownership is the opportunity to participate in the market at their full value,” Kaufman says. “There’s no cap on what you can do. The economy is changing many ways – and owning a business that provides a service that millions of people need is a great way to take control of your future. The potential to do well in this business is powerful, and getting in on the ground floor of a truly disruptive brand is incredibly exciting. Now is a great time to invest in Frost Shades.”

Ready to own a window tinting business?

To learn more about owning your own Frost Shades window tinting business, fill out an inquiry form on this website, and begin a conversation. We can’t wait to help you realize your dreams of owning a home services business!

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