Our Mission

We believe franchise ownership is the best way for you to participate in the economy at your full market value. When you have a job, you abdicate what happens to you to someone else and you become trapped in someone else’s plan. We believe in helping people start and grow amazing low-cost franchises that give you the flexibility to achieve your dreams.

Our Goals

We think there’s a problem in the franchise industry when the average franchise opportunity is priced too high and is too far out of reach for the vast majority of potential franchise owners. Anyone should be able to start a business. For someone who hasn’t been a business owner, there needs to be an entry-level business to start and grow. Our main goal is to bring an entirely new generation of franchise owners into franchising affordably and grow the size of the franchise industry as a result.

Leo Goldberger – Founder and CEO

Leo is well known for starting Inspection Boys and The Patch Boys prior to starting Home Based Franchise Group. He has helped hundreds of franchise owners prosper and grow entry-level businesses into successful enterprises. “I love niche businesses that focus on providing a service that everyone needs,” Leo says. “I don’t want a business that does 100 different things. It’s far easier to master a simple business, and the consumer has far more trust in a business that specializes in one thing. With Home Based Franchise Group, these are businesses that don’t cost very much to get started, and it doesn’t cost much to continue to operate and grow. There’s very little overhead, which is the most common reason why people go out of business. With our franchises, you can own a simple business and scale it up to be incredibly successful.”

Curt Swanson –  Founder and COO

Curt has 5+ years of experience in franchising as he was a co-founder and COO of The Patch Boys from 2015 until June 2020. He also has a diverse background in business coaching, allowing him to motivate and assist franchise owners with all aspects of a business to achieve their goals.






Darren Fettik –  VP of Operations

Darren has 25+ years of experience in window tinting  of all types. Darren has personally installed over 10,000 residential, commercial and auto  film, while also being an accredited Judge for the IWFA installation championship matches.  


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